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Did you miss me?

I would be surprised if anyone did.

In my family’s eyes, maybe I haven’t been the best ex-husband and father these past two years. But I know that I was! After all, it’s not everyday that an innocent man goes to prison in order to protect his family. A real man has got to do what a real man should have done.

Marcus Logan was never a real man. I just imagined that he was. In body, Marcus existed.

In promises kept? Well, no, that Marcus never existed–except in my hopes and dreams. The Devil is more beguiling to a man like me. To the inmates behind bars with me, the Devil just blends right in–unnoticed.

Now that I’m finally out for good behavior and time served, I don’t feel as safe as I did behind bars with all the other murderers.

Thanks for waiting until I got out. I bet you still want to hear my story…

[Author’s note: Go here into the Archives for January 2011 for the true beginnings of my story.]


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